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Thriputharattu is the famous and interesting festivals of this temple. It is quiet extra ordinary and only celebrated in this temple. This festival is connected with a menstruation ceremony, which is observed periodically in the temple. The sign is observed on the vesture (UDAYADA) of Devi. This vesture is removed by the Main Priest (Melsanthi) every morning and examines. If he feels any signs of Thriputhu (Period) he hands over the vesture to Devasom Officials. This should be got Confirmed by the abbess (senior women) of the Thazhaman and Vanghipuzha convents (Maddam). If it is confirmed by the abbess, Devi's shrine will be closed and worships will be offered to a processional image in a different shrine else where in the temple.

On the forth day of the festival the Devi's Idol is taken to the near by river and Arrattu is conducted. This Arrattu is known as Thriputharattu. After this Devi is taken back to the temple on an elephant. When the procession reaches Nalambalam (In front of the main Entrance), Bhagvan will be waiting there on an elephant in a procession. They together encircle the temple three rounds (PRADAKSHINAM) around the temple with procession. After that Lord Shiva will lead to the shrine through Eastern side and Devi will lead to the shrine through Western side.

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