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The Oath at Padinjare (Western) Nada

In early days there was a belief and custom related to a hole in the western gopuram (entrance) of this temple. The belief was that if anybody makes a false oath by putting his hand in that hole will be bitten by a holy snake.

The story related to this belief is like this. There was a Brahmin family named “Muringoor” in chengannur and were very famous for ‘Visha chikitsa”. They were the deep devotees of chengannur devi. Their name spread all over kerala and southern part of India. One day an ‘Alwar’ came to chengannur and his main aim was to challenge and conquer the Muringoor family. At that time a boy of 12 years was the only male person of Muringoor family. He was not able to accept the challenge of this Alwar. So he became very sad and prayed to chengannur devi. On that day, he got a vision in his dream telling that there is a brass pipe inside the ‘Ara’ which contains a snake. This snake will be under the control of boy and move according to his wish. He took this pipe in front of the Alwar and asked him to take the snake out with his magical power. The Alwar tried his best to control the snake but failed. The snake now become furious and tried to attack the Alwar. The Alwar pleaded the boy to control the snake and the boy controlled the snake with his prays and sealed it again in that pipe. Later the boy made a hole on the walls of Western Gopura and put the holy snake into that hole. He told the people that if any body tells a lie by putting his hand in this hole, will be bitten by the snake.

Viewing the tip of the sreekovil

The boy buried the medicines and instruments of Alwar in a hole, very close to the koothambalam, at the south side. Those who view the tip of the sreekovil by standing on it and pray lord shiva don’t have to fear about snake bite for one day.

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